I Now Only Eat Ingredients I Can Pronounce | Rapha Valley – Destiny to Wellness

There are numerous places to go to when in Don Salvador – but if you’re wanting a breath of fresh air, organic and healthy food, cold breeze of the month and peaceful ambiance that creates an atmosphere that will bring you close to nature – Rapha Valley is definitely your one-way ticket Destiny to Wellness.

Doctor Albert said that Rapha Valley aims to provide Rest and Relaxation – something that we all desire and deserve, right?

Situated at Km 48. Barangay Kumaliskis, you can take a 45 minutes’ bus ride from the city, for a 65php fare. Rapha Valley accepts walk in guests during Fridays till Sundays, With a consumable fee of 295php in Rapha Cafe.

Make sure that you book for a reservation 1 week in advance when you plan to visit from Mondays to Thursdays – walk ins minimum of 15 person. This is to serve their guests better, Tita Tess advised us that booking should be done a week prior to the visit.

Doc Albert does his Cleanse & Energize Program in groups (minimum of 15 persons), he will give you a tour around the farm and also share to you all of his rich information on healthy living and his passion to pursue wellness. For inquiries You can contact them through these numbers.

O34 473 0816 / 0921 613 7928 / 0917 829 2023

Check out their FB page www.facebook.com/raphavalley

Website : www.rapahavalley.com

Email: [email protected]

For those with private cars you can follow the signage that will lead you to rapha valley, a 15mins drive from the highway. The road may be rough but still manageable to drive through even for small vehicles. A private vehicle from Rapha Valley will be available to pick you up the highway crossing for only 200php fee (back and forth trip). if you decide to book for a reservation in advance.

My friend insisted that I do the "Blogger pose" so there ya go!

I’m too blessed to have the perfect sunniest weather during my visit at Rapha Valley. Even on this weather I was still able to enjoy the cold breeze that blows, gives me that Tagaytay feels.

Casitas Tariff

For extended stays, guests may now choose to stay overnight. They have available rooms which are spacious, classy and comfy to cuddle in during the cold night.

*All overnight accommodations come with Free Breakfast

Our home for the night, the Executive Suite. Kudos to Maricel for taking good care of our stuff and needs. They have the most friendly and accommodating and proactive FO’s here at Rapha Valley.

Executive Suite 3,599php good for 3 person

Cuartos : 2,799php good for 2 person

Other Rooms: View Suite 3,899php good for 3 persons and Family Suite 4,799php good for 4 persons

Rapha Cafe

As we feasted on our healthy meals and valley view, Medical Doctor-turned-organic-chef health guru, Dr Albert Jo does his Cleanse & Energize Program. He usually gives an orientation of the organic plants in the farm and tours you around the garden. My whole mindset towards eating healthy and going on a diet turned upside down as he entertainingly talked about GMO products, daily toxic food that are readily made available in fast food, restaurants, and even products sold at the groceries.

This can be quoted as an official Tourist Destination – but you will get more than what you paid for. As what Doc Albert said Rapha Valley is your Destiny to Wellness,

As you step inside Rapha Valley, the cool breeze and wind chimes welcomes you with an inviting journey to relax and give yourself back to nature and wellness.

The Tent

For Special occasions and in the event that the cafe is full, other guest are welcome to stay here.

Don’t panic it’s just organic

Thanks to my previous trip to Iloilo City in Table Matters, I am more familiar with these flowers that I’m about to partake, especially the Blue ternate flower.

So i arrived lunch time, and wanted to start light with my meal, they served me a Salad and Herbed bread. My first time visit in Rapha was way few years ago, this is already my 3rd time, and I’m glad that I am not exclaiming th thoughts in my head anymore like “What on earth am I eating?”. So I sat and enjoyed the view and also had a quick chika minute with Tita Tess. After which I excitingly tried their Adobo for lunch. Again, I don’t know what kicked in me these days that i have become an advocate of organic and healthy food, I am definitely getting the hang of this. I’m randomly caught up with the question “”why something so green and healthy could taste this really good?

Herbed And Flower Salad : A plate full of mixed herbs, flowers and greens with Rapha Valleys own version of Honey Mustard Dressing. And a refreshing glass of Lemongrass Juice.

Doc Albert mentioned that there are different herbs and flowers in this salad, simply put, every bite gives you a different taste. There’s the Blue ternate flower, Dill Weed (and many more) and Aragula which gives a smoky taste – Doc A said Aragula is “the bacon of the vegetarians”.

I then realized that eating organic isn’t a trend, its a return to tradition, way before we never used chemicals and altered genetics on our food supply.

Herb Bread with Tofu Cheese

Guilt Free Rapha Adobo – Adobo flakes serve with organic red rice cooked in spices, herbs and black sesame seeds with pickled cucumber, raphanus & papaya on the side.

Come Dinner time, healthy food and long talk with the Jo’s and Soriano’s made our meal more interesting and our convo’s more educational.

Dinner with Doc Albert, Tita Marilou Jo and Tita Tess, TIto Milo Soriano

Doc A said that it is advisable to cook a runny egg (malasado), fertilized or not, cause when overcooked the egg is then high in cholesterol. He was referring to the eggs in our Shii-sig. He also added that studies now shows that women are more prone to breast cancer because of their high cholesterol intake.

Shii-sig- Coarsely chopped shiitake mushroom coked in Rapha Valley sisig sauce with 2 organic eggs, healthy tofu cream cheese and bits of hot peppers.

My friend who’s from Dubai raised her concern about having chicken skin in her shoulders, Doc A said that nowadays, corns that are being fed to the chickens might have cause some allergic reactions to our skins. Doc A usually had these disorders in his skin, and when he changed his diet, well the results are undeniable that he has better and smooth skin.

And to my home girls out there, Doc A said that for women who are on their 27th to 30’s who still have pimples popping, (except during your periods) it is advisable to check your Polycystic Ovary.

Tita Marilou then said that she has started changing her diet now that she is aware with all the GMO products is causing harmful effects in our health. She then sheepishly said “I always check the ingredients in the product whenever i buy food, and I can’t pronounce more than 5 of the ingredients then I don’t buy them anymore”

(Some lessons that Doc A shared to us are the ones that he picked up when he attended the Philippines Derma Society.)

Around 9PM Doc A bid us goodnight, he reminded us that by 10PM we should already be sleeping, (Deep sleep in a dark room so that our Melatonin would work.) from 10PM to 2AM that is the best time our body repairs itself,

Early the next morning, we took long walks in the farm and got ourselves some healthy boost of sunshine and a refreshing glass of hibiscus lemonade while they prepare our breakfast.

Hibiscus Lemonade

Colazione Alberto – Crispy herbed K’squares (sweet potato ) with poached organic eggs and smoked salmon smoothened with cream of lettuce for a relaxing morning

There’s a traditional way on how to eat the Pamahaw ni Esperanza as advised by Doc A, you mix everything, and every spoon full you pour a little bit of chocolate. Doc A said that her GrandMa’ Esperanza used to eat this meal in this manner, and she lived 105yrs old not missing to take this as her daily breakfast.

With my first bite I experienced an explosive of taste in my mouth.

Pamahaw Ni Esperanza – Flaked red snapper cooked in coco-vinegar, herbs and spices, with organic brown rice with choped lemon basil and soft boiled “malasado” egg served with organic “Chocolate d’ Baterol” (Tablea from Bohol) to complete the meal.

Rapha Valley

My friend and I went out for a walk at their 7.5 hectare farm. They have a bonfire area ideal for those who’d like to enjoy the cool breeze of the night and gaze the stars just above em. (was too cloudy that night and my friend and I did not notice the time as we were too busy catching up with our life stories – we missed to have a bonfire and stargazing)

Horseback riding can be fun, but Merci was still preggy, it was not a good idea as advised by the care taker and her daughter Gloria was also too young to ride on. So instead, we fed the chickens and took long walks in this vast land.

As Tita Marilou said, Rapha Valley is here to deliver quality living to its guests. And if its Farm-to-table restaurant you are after, or probably some rest and relaxation for your family, and some mindset breaking for your friends, families and coworkers on how to eat right and stay healthy – then Rhapa Valley is your Destiny to Wellness.

Big thanks to The Jo’s & Soriano’s for inviting me & my friend.

Thank you Tita Tess for giving me a tour sa bayan, t’was an adventure looking for some sweet potatoes and corn.

I cannot control everything in my life, but what i put in my body I can. And that totally can make a big difference. Till then, let’s keep Pursuing Personal Passion – Coach Ella.

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Coffee at Doc Jo View point
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