Piaya Network Features Rapha Valley

Welcome to Rapha Valley

The Name game

Its name Rapha which means “heal” in the Biblical Hebrew is an inspiration to the farm Director, a Medical Doctor Albert Jo. “Heal” or “Healing” is aptly translated in contemporary language as “wellness”. Thus, the description of the farm as “your destiny to wellness” is foremost in the mind of Dr. Jo, a destiny that starts with an inner journey of determination leading to a changed lifestyle “where food is the medicine” itself.

Rapha Valley: The Place

 The sound of wind chimes was adds to a relaxing ambiance. The whole place is tastefully decorated by Jo family. From the welcoming area, you are now ready to take the tour. The host, Dr. Jo himself, is just as entertaining as the place, sharing tidbits and trivia’s about the different medicinal value of each plant. His style of touring his guest is such as follows: Point-Explain-Cut-Taste-Explain some more. You don’t only learn about the flowers, the vegetables, the plants, you get to taste them right at the spot where they are growing. No kidding! The stuff is real good and really clean. After the initial apprehension fades, you get to enjoy yourself, lose track of time and just immerse yourself.

Go up and down, round and about while enjoying his engaging short lectures and amusement of eating raw uncooked vegetables straight from the ground.

The place is unique in myriad ways; the Santol House as they call it was structured from old Santol trees that have outlived its fruit bearing days. From the furniture, the décor to the ceiling and foundations, it was carved and designed from this tree. Such eye for design and ingenuity in being able to make use of what the earth has produced, strikes a chord in your heart.

About Rapha Valley

Rapha Valley is more than an organic vegetable farm; it is a wellness place with a rustic feel of nature. It isn’t just a mere tourist destination. You look forward to the experience, the adventure!

The place is vegetarian-haven, all natural, organic and definitely good for your health!

An hour and a half from the capital city of Negros Occidental, found in the few virgin lands of Don Salvador Benedicto, the farm is owned by the Jo family under the direction of Dr. Albert Jo. From a vision of a healthy lifestyle, living peacefully in the mountains to a strong conviction of educating the people about wellness, these are the motivation of Dr. Jo and the inspiration to create Rapha Vallley.

Getting Here

Rapha Valley is located at Brgy. Kumaliskis, Don Salvador Benedicto, Negros Occidental 6105.

How to get to Rapha Valley
Through Bacolod City

Bacolod City being the capital of Negros Occidental is the main gateway to almost all portions of Negros Island including Rapha Valley.  Below are ways on how you can get to Bacolod City:

Rapha Valley, your health and wellness destiny

Step back to nature and wellness country in Rapha Valley. Located amidst the unspoiled (well, almost) verdant highlands of Don Salvador Benedicto (DSB) in Philippine’s southern province of Negros Occidental, but for some spatter of garish, contrasting houses, visit this organic farm and return home a health and fitness buff! After a few hours of organic plants & garden orientation, wholesome food talk and tasting with no less than its owners, medical doctor-turned-organic chef health guru, Dr. Albert Jo and wife Marilou (a Pharmacy Degree holder herself) regaling you with stories on toxic, GMO filled crappy cooking, you will swear off all processed and artificially enhanced supermarket and fast food!

Rapha Valley Healthy Cuisine

Getting there.It is a smooth, well-paved countryside, 75-minute drive from Bacolod City up to Barangay Kaliskis, DSB Highway. A few meters past KM 48, you have to turn to an “off-road” drive (about two kilometers) as organic farms should be located away from the main road. Then after some almost interminable minutes wondering if you’ll ever get there, you reach the gate to paradise on this part of the planet!