Welcome to Rapha Valley

The Name game

Its name Rapha which means “heal” in the Biblical Hebrew is an inspiration to the farm Director, a Medical Doctor Albert Jo. “Heal” or “Healing” is aptly translated in contemporary language as “wellness”. Thus, the description of the farm as “your destiny to wellness” is foremost in the mind of Dr. Jo, a destiny that starts with an inner journey of determination leading to a changed lifestyle “where food is the medicine” itself.

Getting to Rapha Valley

Rapha Valley, in Brgy. Kumaliskis, Don Salvador Benedicto, is one and half hour ride from Negros Occidental Capital Bacolod City. Upon arrival at the location, welcoming higher grounds are seen from a vantage point of this 7.5 hectare farm roll down in a valley shaped terrain. The cool-moist air of Don Salvador Benedicto Municipality is immediately felt, a tropical temperature quite ideal to planting fruits and vegetable with healing elements.

What to expect

Guests of Rapha Valley will feast on Dr. Jo’s teeming plantation of multi-diverse species of herbs, fruits and vegetables as ingredients for plant-based recipes. Delicacies served are handpicked and gathered from the rolling valley farm personally cultivated by Dr. Jo himself. Among these are:

Black Puto and Bloodless-Meatless Dinuguan

Milled white rice cake Puto and savory pig blood innards stew Dinuguan is a highly popular classic Filipino dish. Surprisingly, Rapha Valley's version of this classic dish is a Puto made of fermented unpolished rice, which explains its black color. Black Puto is a complement dish to a "Meatless and Bloodless" Dinuguan and a non-dairy cheese cashew nut pate made tastier with Himamaylan salt and herbs.

Rapha Valley Green Flower Salad

Equally surprising is the all green, all fresh, all green flower power dish called the "Rapha Valley Green Flower Salad" where flowers like the edible purple petal torch ginger flower and narotium flowers are spread on top of a salad preparation. Aragula, iceberg lettuce and other greenies are combined in the preparation then vinaigerette dressing made of olive oil, honey and local vinegar are added. Stored in flowers are powerful nutrients necessary for good health.

Pasta with Mushroom and Tomato Herb Sauce

Not to be left out is the Rapha Valley version of the Italic staple linguine durum wheat pasta crafted to be like some gourmet as the dish name is “Pasta with Mushroom and Tomato Herb Sauce. What used to be high egg-cholesterol producing ingredient pasta, veggie-based sauce dominate the dish with no eggs.

Squash Carrot Cake

Along comes the sweet tooth pastry delight but not the baker’s confectionery collection of turning flour, milk, butter, baking powder and eggs to fancy cakes. This is Rapha Valley’s sweet cake dessert, too, but with ingredients that combine skin care immune boosting Vitamin A and Beta Carotene – the “Squash-Carrot Cake”.

Turmeric Creme Brûlée

Cook books declared this as a French classic dessert traditionally made of sweet custard and the chewy candy caramel – sufficiently sweet enough to sow fear of diabetes. Rapha Valley’s “Turmeric Crème Brulee” however is medicinal, as it is cooked with the medicinal turmeric and sweetened by natural coconut milk.

Other Services:

The “weary wanderer”, sweethearts, nature habitués, family vacationists or sheer sightseers, all of them have a place to immerse at the serene Rapha Valley. The welcoming warmth, home away from home, Casitas and Cuartos are there to accommodate those who intend to stay overnight made complete with the bed and breakfast service.

Sojourners are offered “Day Tour Package” respite consisting of an expedition walk around the rolling 7.5. hectare-farm teeming with fruits and floras as Dr. Jo explains the beauty and medicinal values of each species he personally cultivated over the years. Along the way, Rapha Valley guests will have a glimpse of Dr. Jo’s vision of health and wellness through his gift of education.

The tour package likewise includes a journey around the natural spectacle of the rustic Municipality of Don Salvador Benedicto, among the famous landmarks are the “Lantawan” or Viewing Deck, the Pine Trees, Villa Ica and natural wonders nearest the Rapha Valley – the Maglahos Cave and Sunog Lake.